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HD enema belly inflation, new limits.

Medical Double Balloon Enema Nozzle (inflation and flow test)

Another short video about inflating an enema nozzle followed by a flow test. Link to the product: https://amzn.to/2HxS7OS I'm ...

Shower Enema Belly Inflation

As promised, (sorry about the wait) I've finally done the much-requested enema inflation. I was pleased at how big I got, and I'm ...

air belly inflation without enema - Heceldi

Published on Sep 20, 2013 This evening i suddenly felt like doing an air inflation. After an amazing enema (unrecorded) in which i ...

Enema inflation

just another excuse why i like hose showers.

Enema inflation! (force challenge)

it was fun getting filled up. (asked by anonmyous) have to age strict though.

Belly inflation 1 gallon enema

In this video I wear a leopard spotted bikini and use my new 1 gallon enema bag to inflate very large. I got very huge and full ...

How to Get a Big Belly (EDUCATIONAL)

This video should hopefully be helpful if you're a beginner who is wondering how to do the kinds of things I do that result in my big ...

Drinking water and water belly enema!

My belly was soo full. I drank 1.5l water meanwhile i take another 2l of water by enema. I get big so quick and pressure in my belly ...

Quick Enema Inflation

We Getting Try To Any Girl Do Enema #Enema #BigBelly #WaterInflation #Male.

Belly Inflation Water Enema

Does someone knows what heppened to this girl or video? I really loved this one, please tell me if she or the video are still around ...

Water enema belly inflation

Another water enema video, I hope you like it! This is my new record with 3 litres of water. I will try to increase my capacity more a ...

1 gallon enema/belly inflation in swium suit

Please note, I am a male crossdresser. In this video I decide to dust off my enema bag and try a 1 gallon enema/belly inflation after ...

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