COKE & MENTOS Stomach Reactions

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Coke and Mentos bloat while wearing tight jeans at work :P

Hahaha umm...I have no excuse for this vid, but I posted a screenshot from this under my new "community" tab (read about this ...

Watch my belly grow! Diet coke Mentos bloat

I really love watching myself grow under and out of a tight striped t-shirt. Bloated to a 6 inch expansion. 36.5 inches to 42.5 inches ...

Coke and Mentos Bloat - Burps and Button Pops!

I've always wanted to try doing this bloat, and I'd say it was pretty successful overall! I probably was able to drink about a liter of ...

7 Mentos + 2L diet coke bloat

I am addicted to the feeling of my belly so full. I'm so bloated now I could burst. So turned on by the feeling.

Coke and Mentos Bloat Part 1

Hehe yummy (: I keep hiccuping ._.

Mentos and Diet Coke belly bloat AND A HUGE STUFFING...live-stream of my biggest belly ever

An updated description written the morning after, because I diverged from my plan a lot: I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW BIG AND ROUND ...

Coke/Mentos bloat (Burps and belches)

Hello all! ^~^ Ment to have this up yesterday, but shit happened and it's going up today instead. Figured I'd do a burping/bloat ...

Coke and Mentos Bloat after Dinner+Water Chug

just a can of coke and some mentos after dinner and a water chug. sorry for the weird cuts, phone fell twice :| join my discord!

Massive Coke and Mentos bloat

I decided to try this technique from tumblr, where you put the mentos in your mouth and straight chug the reaction. Definitely the ...

Coke and Mentos Bloat (take 2)

So I was told to use DIET coke and MINT mentos to make it work the best. So I went and got both. I got down 56 oz of diet coke ...

Fiber One Bar Bloat + diet coke and Mentos

I ate a box of fiber one bars then followed that up with diet coke and Mentos.

Giant Water coke and Mentos bloat

Ok boys pretty sure i qualify as BBW now. God this bloat felt so good. I'm addicted. So turned on.

Coke and Mentos Belly Bloat [BELLY STUFFING TIMELAPSE]

Kessa M. - https://youtu.be/pm9YAjTx8Xc.


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Belly inflation 187 (morph) - Shoujax's Coke and Mentos bloat

After swallowing a roll of Mentos, Shoujax chugged a single can of Coke. But it was enough to trigger a fountain of foam, ...

Coke and Mentos Belly Bloat [BELLY STUFFING TIMELAPSE]

bellybabe785 - https://youtu.be/i_9BW6cFdp0.

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